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Hi, my name is Jake!! Welcome to my webpage!

I have lots of things I like to do, but I REALLY like to chew things up! Some of my favorite things are shoes, clothes, my toys, and especially my chew bones. I like our cat Onyx, too, but she's isn't real wild about me. You can see her on the next page.

My mom adopted me from the shelter on the Army post where we used to live and I was my dad's Christmas present!! He was so happy to see me waiting for him - red bow and all!!

Here's a picture of me when I first came to live with my mom and dad: 

Wasn't I cute?

< >

My mom and dad are going to have a baby!! They tell me that the new baby will be here on May 25, 2001. I'm not really sure what a 'baby' is, but since they're both so excited, I am too!! You can see updates of the baby here. 

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